As I stare at these silly cards I reflect on the other night watching my baby hand them one by one to a dear friend of mine as he leaned against her.
My baby hardly leans on people that are not mom and dad. I took the moment in watching him pass to a person that may have not have been there if someone didn’t listen. If someone didn’t notice, or stop in the business of their own life to hear her internal cry.
When someone tells you they are depressed, they are not being selfish. It’s a cry for help that should never be brushed aside. 
This moment of my child handing cards to my friend gripped my heart. It was only a few years ago when she attempted suicide. And here she was right where she needed to be.
Transforming each day into a Godly women working through her rejection, abuse, chaos, and turmoil. Battling, growing and leaning on the Holy Spirit and becoming the Princess warrior she was made to be.

February 29th, 2020

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