Our Christmas Letter 2020

We know the blog has been quiet for some time now and it will remain that way. My passion for writing hasn’t changed. My life has. And right now it is busy. I miss writing. I do and there are times I wish I had the energy for it. But for now I am learning to embrace the busy short season I am in. We had our second baby in May. For those who have been following me on my personal pages and the few posts on the blog you will see we became a family of four very quickly. Our boys are eighteen months apart. Each day is a gift and we are exhausted, learning, and transforming. I hope to share more on the blog what these past two years have been like but the details will remain quiet for now.

Our year has brought us both challenge and adventure. The challenge of figuring out this whole family thing and raising our babies and the adventure Peter’s job allows us to have.

This fall we went on our first work trip as a family in San Diego and lived there for a few months. We had the amazing opportunity to have the boys meet and see two of their aunties a few times. Jason celebrated his second birthday at Birch Aquarium. Logan’s second zoo was The San Diego zoo.

Each day our boys are showing more of their personalities and their interests. Jason is our tender hearted, fiery, sweet, smart, boy who loves his baby brother “Lolo”. He is always trying to find ways to include him with splashing in the bath, going on walks, reading books, and making him laugh. It is so sweet watching the bond start at such young ages.

Logan is our go getter, determined, laid back, strong, independent, smiley, hunk of love. Everyone is always commenting on his size. Everything about Logan is big and that’s what makes him so great.

I could go on and on about how much I love my boys and the adventure we are having but then I’d be up all night with this key board or a baby. That is our life right now. Tending to babies and the very little time that we have we try to make it for each other.

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