Content With Their Journey

I find people’s reactions interesting when we tell them we are done having children. With both of us coming from larger families to them it would make sense for us to have more. 

But when I tell them I have high risk pregnancies the subject is immediately dropped.  Although the subject of adopting does come up with me being adopted, and us looking into adopting in the past even after having our first. But after having our second we felt complete. Even then others are left puzzled. 

I will never understand why society is  telling parents they can’t be content with the size they want their family to be. I don’t mind if people are genuinely curious about our journey, but to tell us is just silly nonsense to me. 

I  hear less comments about having two or three children as if that’s the acceptable amount to have but when parents chose to have one or a huge family that’s when parents are flooded with unnecessary comments. 

Huge families typically hear: 

“Got the whole crew?”

“Boy your hands are full!”

“How do you feed them all?”

“I would not be able to handle that many.”

The new one I’m becoming familiar with is the parents who are content with one child.

They often hear: 

“Just wait till he/she is older you’ll want more.”

“your kid needs a friend”

“That’s it?” 

“Yeah it will be easier to get sitters with just one.” 

Parenting is HARD. 

One child is not just one child. 

Forever investing and living a selfish life to a being that doesn’t owe us anything is hard! 

Everyone has their reasons for how many children THEY can handle and that is the journey we should be supporting. 

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