Before God

Photo credit: mihaela echols
Photo credit: Mihaela Echols

Before God I was afraid.

Before God my journey was strayed.

Before God I freeze.

Before God I fall on my knees.

Before God I drop my desires.

Inside he starts his fire.

Before God purpose wasn’t real.

Before God I didn’t know I could heal.

Before God nothing else stands.

Before God my heart is safe in his hands.

 Written September 28,2015 

Me Monster

   Hyla Chamberlain

    When my eyes are off of myself others eyes turn to God. 

   Our flesh steals the testimony of God. It consumes our conversations and our thoughts. It is the monster inside us battling for more of us and less of Him.

Romans 7:14-25

    I see it in myself when my conversations are all about me and not of what God is doing in me. When I concern myself with who is reading my writings and I forget the motive behind writing them….

    When I get frustared when ministry is not going at my pace….

    The list goes on. 

    These past few days have been my selfish days of letting the “Me Monster” win. I have been stressed and frustrated at letting the little silly things build up inside.

But, today I am reading this: 

Galatians 5:1
“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.
Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves
be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

       I’ll say it again, when my eyes are off of myself others eyes turn to God.

Believers have a testimony that our flesh wants to silence. But the verse above tells us we don’t have to live by the flesh anymore because we have Christ living in us, working in us, and transforming us everyday.

Here we are in this moment with our choice before us:

Our flesh or Christ?

Take the Stand

Fifteen year old boy hears about life coming from dust,
and how God is the only one he can honestly trust.

So young boy takes a stand
and gives his life to God’s hand.

Day by day his battle goes on,
fighting with his flesh because he old him is gone.

His peers question his new ways,
disagreeing they don’t choose to stay.

Still, young boy takes a stand
and leaves his life in God’s hand.

Young boy grows and so do his dreams,
but brokenness makes his heart scream.

Let down too many times,
the world was winning with its crimes.

Still he holds onto the news he heard as a boy
even when we are sad we can still have joy.

So young man takes a stand
and leaves his future in God’s hand.

Poisoning his heart,
she was bad news from the start.

His feelings turned into lust.
Desiring God was becoming rust.

Deep in his heart God still shinned
whispering child you are mine.

Young man had to take the stand
and leave his desires in God’s hand.

Hitting his rock bottom he shakes his head.
The fifteen year boy inside him is not dead.

Once again leaving his own desires
leaving her and his life to who is higher.

Young man took a stand
and left his life in God’s hand.


By: Mihaela Chamberlain