First kiss


     Sitting here talking with girls my age who have told me they have never been kissed stirs an envy in me. I also applaud their choice. But as soon as they tell me that they will kiss as soon as they start dating I shake my head and ask them why. I have given them my reasoning and strongly encourage girls who have waited this long to finish strong on the wait. Now you are probably thinking wow Mihaela you are so negative and you cant being going around telling people how to live, kissing is not a sin. You caught me, I am negative about kissing when you’ve waited so long already. People may do as they please yes, but I will not stop encouraging girls around my age to wait. You are also right kissing is not a sin, but may lead to it before marriage, but that is another topic for another day.  You may be tired of reading this or have already stopped, but hear me out with my reasoning below.

1) It’s your senior year in high school, only one more school year to go, and you are free! What do you do, finish, or drop out? I hope your answer is finish. You have come so far what would giving up benefit? Yes, it is hard and can be very annoying, but everyone who has graduated, including myself, will say “Yes it is worth it” So ladies at 20, 30, 40, 50, how ever old and have never been kissed why not wait just a little longer for your husbands kiss and not just a boyfriends kiss who could possibly become and ex-boyfriend. 

2) Again you have made it this far why not give 100% to your husband and be able to tell your children Daddy is the only man I’ve kissed. There are plenty of women who have told me it is weird thinking of kissing another person besides their husband.


11 thoughts on “First kiss

  1. What a great head on your shoulders you have! I know it’s not easy to uphold these types of standards into todays world but it is possible! What a wonderful and scared experience to have given yourself to your husband alone. I love it! Thank you for sharing =)

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  2. I also haven’t kissed anyone aside from my husband. We didn’t wait until we were married to kiss, but I have so much respect for those who do! It’s a special thing to know that I haven’t kissed anyone other than him and he hasn’t kissed anyone other than me. I believe that it creates a feeling of unity within our relationship that helps draw us to one another.

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