What If I Don’t Marry?

    In spite of my purity ring, people have asked me what I will do if I do not get married. This is a great question! My answer is, wear it of course! Yes, even if I am sixty and if I do not marry I will be wearing my purity ring. As I have mentioned in my other writing I Wear This Ring I do not only wear mine only as a reminder of sexual purity before marriage, but also for purity in all areas of my life. Say I do marry, then what happens? Some people add to their purity rings, or save it to pass down to their children. In my case, I will replace it with an engagement ring, and then add the wedding band to it. I’ve explained to other girls that a wedding ring is just another purity, but within marriage. 

    I’ve broken it down below how I view each ring.

    There is the purity ring before marriage, the engagement ring, which would be the purity ring before marriage, but with the future spouse, and the wedding ring will be the purity ring within the marriage.

    To make myself clear, these purity rings are not shields, they will not protect me from the temptations of this world. They are only reminders of who I am living for and serving daily. God tells us in Psalm 119:9 reminding us that we can learn how to stay pure by living according to His word. 





28 thoughts on “What If I Don’t Marry?

  1. The idea od purity rings has never real been a favorite of mine, but as you state, it can symbolize purity in all area of life.


    • Yes. Some people use it for just one reason but one reason for me was like saying “I’m only going to be a Christian here in this area of life.”


  2. Purity rings weren’t part of my growing up years, and I didn’t even realize they were around when our (now grown) daughter was growing up. However, I appreciate your point that a purity ring can focus on remaining true, and loyal – pure in heart – for other areas in our life. (Yes. My wedding/engagement ring reminds me of my promise 31+ years ago to my husband.) That’s something to ponder…

    If I were to wear a symbol of purity – of loyalty – to Christ, what would it be? And would it be a real reminder to remain true? Do we really need a reminder? Maybe. Hmmmmm…


    • Some times in the midst of this crazy world we live in looking at that’s one reminder helps us remember to pray.


  3. I had a purity ring growing up, my parents even gave me a very special birthday celebration when I received it. However, I think that unless you continue to view that ring as a reminder and a covenant and promise it will serve only to be a ring on your finger and not mean much else. I wish that that purity ring had kept me from some regrets, but it did not. It has to be more than just something you wear on your finger for decoration and say is important. It has to be a covenant that you believe with your whole heart, mind and soul.

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  4. Just before I married (like 6 months), I decided my ring would be a symbol of the fact I was dedicated to Jesus. I thought I would never marry. God was just waiting for me to let go. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. I love, love, love this post! What a beautiful explanation of what purity truly means. Unfortunately, these days, many people don’t believe in purity before or during marriage. Everybody just does whatever they feel like doing.

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  6. I never did have a purity ring, but I do intend on sharing its meaning with my daughter in hopes it will serve as a reminder for her. This is such a sweet post.

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  7. I definitely agree with you that marriage is just another form of purity. In fact, our entire lives should consist of purity that goes beyond sexuality (just like you noted here) and should be a part of our entire Christian existence. Purity doesn’t turn off in marriage. 🙂

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  8. I love that your Purity ring is a reminder for you and something that you value. We can use all the tools possible to get by day to day in this sinful world and if that works for you I encourage it.

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  9. Hi there Michaela, i was never keen on wearing a ring on my finger until marriage. But a ring such as you describe would not have been a bad idea. Thank God i did not need a physical reminder to stay away from sexual immorality. Just like you explained, it is symbolic and will not lead you away from temptation. Love it!

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  10. Growing up, purity rings were popular among some of my class mates. I was turned off by the attitude that purity rings had some mystical power and made people pure.


  11. “Not shields…reminders…” But we do need reminders, don’t we? It also opens conversation with our children. And opens it with their peers, too.


  12. I didn’t grow up knowing about purity rings. Wonder if it would have been a helpful visual reminder for me in making better choices? Thankful that God has been good to help me through some really tough times concerning purity.

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