Not This Time Satan


    An hour is all I get to show my Sunday school children God’s love, teach them truth, and life skills. It is still not enough, but this past week showed me its still impacting. 

     The weight of the responsibility of not only being intrusted with pieces of parents hearts but guiding them toward Christ was and still is a fear of mine. What if we they don’t remember what I taught them last week? What if I am teaching them the wrong thing? What if they don’t like me? The fears grew each week for months.

Fear has the power to paralyze. 

    But God is stretching me, and forming  me especially in my new challenges. The past two weeks of being gone has brought tears to my eyes. I have realized how passionate I am about being apart of children’s walk with Christ and am amazed by my helpers and subs. I came back to children who were open to me. It amazes me how they trust us. But what really will always have a hold of my heart was last week’s lesson. The burden and fears were arrissing in me as I was talking about how Jesus died for all our sins. So badly Satan wanted me to give up because I was sharing the most powerful lesson of a life time. But not this time Satan. I continued.

Our lesson: 

    I asked them to get their hands in the dirt, happily  they did. Then we talked about sin. “Sin is what makes God sad.” -Lilly. We talked about what makes God sad. 

    I asked them to make a line. They did. I spoke with each child about how God washed our sins away on the cross just like how I am washing their hands.

    When we were making sin hearts and clean hearts I was overwhelmed! When a child is making sad faces on her flower sticker because it’s on the sin heart and happy faces on the clean  heart I am in awe. What we are teaching them each week is making a difference. THIS IS WHY I TEACH SUNDAY SCHOOL! I am taking no credit. Parents way to go! Keep reading those Bible stories and speaking truth into their lives. I have seen so much growth in my helpers and my preschoolers these past few weeks and am thrilled to see where God is going to take us.

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