The Little Girl Inside


    ” Mihaela, dad wants to talk to you” I begin to sweat.  It was Trevor’s fault. My twenty-four year old self kept repeating the same sentence in my head as I was approaching my dad. I was nervous. Even though it has been years since Trevor and I had been blaming each other for things the little girl inside me thinks, if it’s bad then it’s his fault.

    This Summer I am getting married. But I can still say the little girl inside me is not dead in fact she is just growing. Her last name, her lifestyle, her home,  and her family will change. But not her siblings, her desires, and her God. You see, she is still in me. The changes are not going to change her heart they will conform to her. 

    Peter will be my desire, my home, my family. He is an addition for my siblings and for my walk with Christ. The little girl who knows herself best Your Cup Of Tea listened to her heart and chose the change because she knew her God and her desires.

27 thoughts on “The Little Girl Inside

  1. Lovely post! I can’t wait to read how your dream wedding went. I like the word “the little girl inside me is not dead but growing”. I agree! There’s time I could feel the little girl inside me too.

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    • see thats the attitude most people should have! so many people get so stressed but its such a fun thing! And pinterest is very helpful.


  2. I think we were all a little girl inside for as long as I can remember. A marriage and journey into a new life is definitely a life changer.


  3. The little girl will always be there. It will manifest into another young being and that’s how you start with another phase of life. Congratulations, and more blessings!


  4. We’re all still a little kid inside. It’s sad when you have to let go and just be an adult all the time, there’s no fun in that! Congratulations on getting married!


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