Dear Embarrasing Parents

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Dear Embarrassing Parents,

I don’t think you understand the fellowship you are breaking with your child when you are posting negative things about them on the internet. Even if it’s a prayer request. Posting things like:

” Please pray….challenging child.”

“Look at what my child did when I said ‘no’.”

“Teens are soooo hard. “

“I need a night with the girls.”

“Pray for patience with kids today.”

You are only going to damage your relationship with your child. So…..

What are your motives with these posts? Maybe your intentions aren’t to hurt them and you actually want prayer. Call a friend, but don’t expose our child’s faults. They are still learning. How unfair to a three year old who is throwing tantrums-because that’s what some of them do–and their parents tell everyone. Three year olds do stuff like this. Manage it, dont expose it. Would you like it if your child posted stuff like

“Parents suck,”

“They never got me,”

“Need a sleepover with friends,”

on the internet for the whole world to see. Even if it’s set to private there should still be a privacy of the hard times kept between you and your child.

Do you think others don’t go through it? Everyone who is a parent will have at least one hard day with their child in a year. Posting these things makes me wonder if you are thinking you are alone in the parenting battle. You are not! Many of you have placed negative posts about your children don’t even have special needs. For the moms I know who have special needs children they don’t have time to complain. Why? Because they are counting their blessings when their child is speaking, sleeping through the night and simply playing. Parenting isn’t a cake walk.

Do I have children? No. But I know it would be hurtful to find out if my parents were posting those things while I was growing up. I would hide my personal life, resent them, and wonder why they adopted me in the first place if they were exposing my faults.

A childs Hero

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