Make Up

Without make up
Without make up
With make up
With make up

    Make up is a megaphone. It’s voice speaks volumes of a woman.  Make up is a mask, a beauty, an art and a confidence. We love it. I love it. Shoot, I even sell it! Many who know me might ask “why don’t you wear it?” 

    I have a fear of letting it become my confidence. I want to leave my house feeling confident with out mascara. I love the expression make up can have and the voice it has, but I do not want to look in the mirror and frown like I used to with out it. (Mirror Mirror On The Wall Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?)  Make up used to say “You are hiding, and you don’t like what you see without me” when I wore it all the time. Wearing it in different stages helps me find my balance in having fun with expression and still feeling good without it.

    Ladies you already know where I am getting at. What does your eye shadow say? Or your lipstick? Or your favorite foundation? 

    Your make up has a voice and you know her best.

Do you like her? 


13 thoughts on “Make Up

  1. I’m not a regular make-up wearer… and have never been. I guess mascara is the only way I enhance my face. 🙂 So what does that say about me?

    After pondering a bit, I think I have a conclusion. For now, anyway.

    I’m getting older. I’ve passed the 5 decade mark, and my face (and body for that matter) are showing the decades. Some mornings the person in my mirror doesn’t match the person I “see” myself as – and I’m pretty sure no makeup will bridge the distance. 🙂

    Maybe I’m lazy? Maybe I’m frugal? Or a combination of the two – because I don’t imagine I’ll be changing the “mascara only” habit anytime soon.


  2. I look like death without my eye make up and cover up~ which is a sad confession but TRUE. I have never been one to wear a lot of make up or jewelry or any of that jazz. Just the basics through my entire life… I’m quite simple when it comes to accessories and hair and make up etc. I don’t want my mask to ever distract people from my heart. ❤

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  3. I wear makeup because I am a working grown up woman. Going to work without make up makes me look tired, lazy, and unprofessional. Part of being a working woman is presenting your best self, your most put together self. Can you do that without makeup? To a point. Does makeup make me look like a care about my appearance, and therefore care about me work? Absolutely! I don’t view makeup as a mask, just an enhancer of the beauty God gives us. I wear it to put forth my best appearance. Do I feel like I need to wear it? Nope. I want to. I want to look professional and put my best face forward as I talk to potential clients/families. When a client sees that you put that extra effort on yourself, they make the assumption that you put extra effort into your work. I definitely take a lazy day on the weekend when I’m doing chores and getting stuff done around the house, but when I am in my profession, I choose to look like the best version of myself.


  4. I always wear some makeup but I hate it if it looks like a mask. I even out my skin tone but I don’t like covering up under my eyes. Hyla, you are beautiful with or without!

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    • Thanks! Theres nothing wrong with enhancing our beaty. And like you said no cake face….that’s for birthdays.


  5. I have a five-minute face. I do the same thing for a special event that I do for the grocery store. Not sure what that says about me. Maybe that I try to be the same person every day no matter what?

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  6. The only make-up I wear often is my eye liner and my choice of lipstick. But I agree, I wouldn’t want it to be like my safety net when I don’t feel beautiful for the day.


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