Prayer At Work

    Welding…it was what I was hired on to do but not what I did for the first year and a half of my job. I did have a couple of welding opportunities throughout the time which I was grateful for. Fire watching was my job which meant watching the welder for how ever long and making sure everything is safe. I understood that this was an important job but it got monotonous after months. Most of the time I would come to work feeling frustrated because I felt like I did not earn the money which was being given to me. I also felt like I was not being effective for God either but He started to change my thinking through a mentor of mine. 

    It all started with an idea he threw out to me…prayer. Before this idea came along I had been praying throughout the day but this expanded my prayer life immensely. People would receive my text asking what they needed prayer for. God used this time in the beginning of my job to be effective for Him, our relationship, and the people I interacted with.

    “I always knew he was praying for me when we were friends.” – Mihaela

     As time went on this process changed my thinking and allowed me to have contentment because my identity did not rest in working hard every day. Though like most guys we want to work hard and I yearned for it, but Christ is my centerpiece. Being up to date on just how exactly I could pray for people was the highlight of my day. I hope you guys are encouraged with how God can turn something seemingly boring into an awesome time in prayer.

17 thoughts on “Prayer At Work

  1. “My identity did not rest in working hard every day.” <– great line. The tasks at my job – stay-at-home mom – are mind-numbingly tedious. I went through all the feelings of "is this worth it" and "what am I doing with my life" and "shouldn't I be doing something more" and finally came to the realization that I will never experience joy in my work until I focus on doing it for God. Spending this time in prayer adds another dimension of giving my work to God. Thank you for offering this perspective.


  2. God grants us many opportunities to develop a deep relationship with him. I’m glad that you seized that opportunity to be in prayer with him. Many others find themselves too busy but you were able to use what you were given to strengthen your bond.

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  3. Too often I go through the day thinking, “I can’t wait until bedtime. I miss working as a nurse where I can be useful.” I forget that I’m a mother and a wife and I need to do these things for God’s glory, not my own. I need to use the time I have in God’s word, pointing my little ones to Jesus, and doing everything for God.

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  4. I like how you utilized the prayer moment. Praying is a powerful tool in the hand of every believer and in any situation.😀
    God bless

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  5. I am guilty of this. Sometimes our perception clouds our view of the bigger picture. Our definition of work, success and accomplishment prevent us from seeing our success and achievements in a different way.

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  6. We are in a box of expectations. “I go to work, I work hard.” It’s a beautiful thing when we accept where God has us–especially if it’s not what we expected. I love how God used you for His glory right in the middle of your job.

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  7. Zechariah 4:10a For who has despised the day of small things?
    For these seven rejoice to see.

    God says not to hate the menial tasks that might seem to fill our days. He actually find pleasure in our faithfulness.


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