Read and Glue



20151127_115738     This little red book isn’t just book my mom read to me as a child growing up. It held truths that I hold onto today.

As I grew up reading through my “big girl” Bible I’d remember every story. The word was speaking to my heart even as a little girl.

When I learned how to read. I read it myself. Pages fell out. I’d glue them in and read on. Then it became beautiful a pattern read and glue, read and glue.

Because of those memories I keep it to remind myself how important it is to read the word to mine and Peters future children. Children hold on just as tight as adults do. They understand more than we think. Our job as is to plant the seeds in our children’s hearts and let God do the rest.

Tears weld up in my eyes as I flip through each page. My memories dance. How rare was my childhood?

How rare could our children’s lives be?

My prayer for our future children is that they too have to read and glue their children Bibles and then their grown up Bibles.

Hebrews 4:12 “ For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart”






29 thoughts on “Read and Glue

  1. This is true – very rare indeed! and such an awesome gift of time, memories and new memories will be shared with this!



  2. You Know, i still find children’s bibles more easy to read. There is just something about it that brings the stories alive and speaks to the heart of both children and adults. This is so touching Mihaela..

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  3. I love this. Our first Bible is such a precious thing. So sweet to have this memory and pass it on to your children one day!


  4. How beautiful! Love how not only do the memories come flooding back as you flip through the pages but prayers are going up for future children to have the same seed of love planted in their hearts!

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  5. This is nice. It’s something that you can pass on to next generations – it’s not just the book but lessons that you’ve learned from it. And these are priceless things that people cannot take away.


  6. That’s such an amazing story and one that you’d keep forever in your memories. Having a book that you’ll treasure so much is great. I’m glad you’re going to share this with your future kids!

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  7. What a lovely way to bring back some memories. So sweet! My parents had purchased a Precious Moments Bible for my Communion. I would read it on most nights.


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