Tear Up Your Bible

I used to have this issue maybe you have it too. I used to never write, underline or mark my Bible because I didn’t want to ruin it. It was too sacred to me because it’s God’s word. But the truth is he wants us to ruin our Bibles.

Ever heard this quote? 


So much truth is screaming out in this quote.

Oh how our Heavenly father rejoices in our torn up Bibles. 

 There are days when I want to read my Bible but don’t know where to go so I go find my underlined or highlighted verses.They are the verses that I highlight because they speak to my heart. Some times the flesh side of me (who I was before I became a new creation in Christ) gets all distracted or loses motive to even read it. But my highlights catch my eyes and I am reminded as I read each verse how faithful God is.

Beleivers I write this to encourage you. We all get unmotivated at times or caught up in… dare I say it….ourselves. But I encourage you to pick it up, read your highlights, make them, read, make more, tear your Bible up, and fall more in love with Christ each day.





Then these bad boys came into my life.

Get them at Walmart.

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52 thoughts on “Tear Up Your Bible

  1. Spurgeon always has some great quotes. Sometimes I still read my old-school bible, but these days I find myself using my electronic bible more often. But I love the idea of bible journaling so I may have to invest in some colored pencils and start getting the old paper bible back out again. 🙂

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  2. OK. I love this blog post. Straight, simple, short & to the point. Your speaking my kind of language now. And the thought that highlights capture our attention…great point! I just got a journaling bible for my bday with highlighters! LOL

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    • Now that’s a great birthday gift! A lot of my writings are very short. It helps those with short attention spans (like myself) and for people who want a short encouraging read.


  3. One of the things I’m going to be doing for my daughter is marking up a Bible specifically for her. I got a special journaling Bible for her at Christmas and I’m planning to read through it mark up verses that mean something to me and share my thoughts like a love letter. I can’t wait to get started!

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  4. I really like this quote! I was the same as you for a number of years. It seemed irreverent to write in my Bible. I met a lady who had three Bibles she took notes in, one for each of her children to receive one day when she’s gone. I loved that idea! Now, I write in mine like a notebook.

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  5. My beloved old, New King James, which I had for years, is coming apart in so many places… but I am so attached to me old friend and the sermon notes in the margins, that I can’t bear to throw it out. Not bragging, just saying I am blessed to have my Bibles as old friends. They mean a lot to me.

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  6. I like that these Sharpies say they don’t bleed through pages, which is the reason why I never used highlighters in my Bible. I underline and mark up passages that are meaningful to me in my Bible, and always include the date. Some verses have several dates next to them. I will have to check out these pens, because they might be a game changer for my next Bible.

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  7. Yes, every other year I get a new And different version of the Bible. I do Bible Highlighting so each verse that I read I highlight in a different color to express what it means to me. I use a star sticker for my favorite and note and date my “aha” moments. Each Bible I plan to give to my daughters when they leave. For now they don’t get a chance to get really worn in but I am on my last one (I only have 3 children) the next Bible I own shall prayerfully see thr wear and tear if it’s Gods will for me to have it that long. I love my time in the Word and this post is so encouraging! Thank you


  8. I have a hard time consistently reading my Bible because I don’t know where to begin, so I don’t begin at all. I like to reflect on verses that speak to my heart. Because I”m blind, I can’t use a prnt Bible and I don’t know if there are any Bible study tools onlint hat will allow you to highlight. Thank you though for remindign me that it’s important to be an active, not passive reader.

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  9. I mark my Bible up! Notes in the margins,highlights, underlining, notes written on the extra pages in back. It is the textbook for life – study, USE it. Also – Check out Bible Hi-Gliders – these just came into my life last week and I am so impressed – they are like gel-crayons, but they are smooth as anything going across the page. No smearing, no soaking through, no crinkly pages from wet highlighter ink. Awesome things! Great post.


  10. Amen! Interactive, engaged reading, is always the best. It’s fun to return years later and see thoughts, insights, and growth, written all over the margins!

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  11. I always get a little sad when I have to buy a new Bible because my current one is falling apart or has so many notes in the margins, there isn’t room for anything else. It’s a good problem to have! 🙂


  12. I love seeing the journey the Lord puts me on when I look back on the many notes I took in my bible. I have started sketching it it now as well. Check out illustrated faith for some great resources. You can see wht they offer on my blog.:)



  13. So true! I recently bought a new Bible (because my other one has seen “better” days). When my brother came over, he picked up my immaculate new Bible and asked, “Did you just get this?” “No, I’ve had it for a few months, but have yet to start using that one. I’m still drawn to my older Bible.”


  14. Great quote! I used to be careful about writing in my Bible. I recently got a journaling Bible and I am able to write all the things in my head in the margins. It’s been a great way to interact with scripture.

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  15. I’ve really struggled with the same idea. It’s God word! It is sacred, HOLY, how can I write in it!?!?! Because that is how He writes His word in my heart. He doesn’t want me to treat it like a museum document; he wants me to treat it like a favorite recipe, bent covered in the struggle of the baking, etc. It still struggle with writing something less than perfect on its pages, but I’ve seen how it can impact my learning.

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