God’s Ministry NOT Mine

Galatians 6:7-9

There was a time in my life I honestly thought I was just bad at ministry.

I felt very unorganized and wondered why I was even put in leadership. No matter how hard or advanced I would plan things they would be getting done last minute.

I remember a conversation with a friend going something like this….

“Jessica I don’t understand it. I’m a very organized person. Shoot I have adults who look up to me outside of ministry, but when it comes to ministry I’m all over the place I don’t get it!”

Jessica and I do ministry together. She has seen me serve in the church. If it was anyone who would be honest with me it would be her. That’s what good friends do. They tell you the truth even if you don’t want to hear it.

“Your not bad at it…its people. Your working with people and people are people.”

What she meant by that was people get sick , or busy so they cant answer the phone for follow ups. Schedules get in the way of appointments or they might forget to get back to you. It’s not intentional its just things happen.


Then it clicked.

Why am I expecting perfection in something that isn’t even mine? It’s Gods.

Ministry is Gods. It’s his job to reach peoples hearts. I am just the tool.

Every project that I had planned six months in advance and then scrambled around the week of to get the details figured out have turned out. People were still blessed. It just wasn’t done the way I would do it. There are days I would walk into my Sunday school room holding the lesson I planned weeks ahead but then teach on something completely different. 

Again not how I would do it. But ministry has to be flexible. Why? Because it’s meeting peoples hearts. In other words I need to get out of Gods way and let him do his work.


Pardon my progress.



14 thoughts on “God’s Ministry NOT Mine

  1. So true. I used to sit and think about what to write and almost force something out because I thought I needed to be consistent and make sure I had a blog post on time. Now, I am much more relaxed and prayerful that the Holy Spirit will lay something on my heart. It may not be on my time table, but He faithfully inspires something for me to write and bring Him glory. Now, I am blogging without obligation only inspiration!


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  2. Absolutely. Ministry with imperfect people will never be perfect and it has to be flexible and change with the needs of the moment. That’s how God works, thankfully!


  3. Oh how true! I have spent the last year and a half learning this exact lesson!! As a type-A planner it wasn’t an easy one to learn but you are right, it is God’s and HE will make it happen even (especially?) when it doesn’t look like we want it to look!


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