See You On The Field

    One night after praying for Samiton Peter was telling me how he wanted to support him more. Peter and Samiton met in Malawi back in 2015. They became very close and after getting to know Samiton and hearing his heart for wanting to learn Peter told him he would like to support him in going to college. 


That night we made a web chart of who is in our community and different ways we could raise support. 

We knew asking our church as a first resort was not the best idea because of how much they already pour into other ministries. We are also hoping to expand our ministry partners. So plotting to figure out something else this idea of combining ultimate frisbee and supporting Samiton with a large community of different friend groups came to our minds. The idea seemed like a worthwhile shot so we brainstormed some ideas to get the ball rolling.

    “I made some calls and formed a core team to help me plan this out. It is awesome to see friends come together who share a common heart for serving and ministry.  As the time gets closer I get more excited because I know God has been  showing me that all it takes is a few people who love him, want to serve and he does the rest. At the end of the day my hearts desire to support Samiton comes from my walk with Christ. After going and seeing the radically different world they live in I thought to myself ‘I took so much for granted’. This friend of mine Samiton humbled me in many ways and I could not come back from that experience radically changed wanting to continue to help.” 



See you on the field!


Peters  Malawi story: A Different World

Find event here:

7 thoughts on “See You On The Field

  1. Its such a nice & touching story.
    Your supporting Saminton to go to college and also supporting ministry to have enough fund without any burdens.
    Friends are everything in life and I do appreciate the way you are doing it.

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