Frisbee Tournament 2016

On May 21st, 2016 Peter had a wish to help a friend…..

His story is found here: See You On The Field

We ended up raising $1,930 for him with 12 teams, lunch, and some donations.


(First round teams gathered to hear the rules)


Although it began to rain that wasn’t even half of our worries. We had sprinklers on the field going off right before we started our first round. But we did not let it stop the frisbee spirit. We used garbage barrels and covered them when they would go off every couple of hours. Every one had a great attitude about it and kept playing. We were thinking about 8 teams would show up considering this is our first year but God is good and he provided more than what we could ask for. The week of there were three more teams who registered making it 12 as of the night before.


As the day went on we got to see how much fun everyone was having even off the field. Peter was walking around meeting new people when he wasn’t playing. Down to the very last game the positive attitude was still there for everyone.

“This became so much more than what I could’ve ever imagine. I could not thank all who helped out enough for all your hard work. It took on a life on its own Saturday. Praise God! I am very excited to see what next year will look like. ” -Peter



The winning team! ( The Kung Führers)

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