Beauty Unseen

They believe her screams are tantrums. I know they are screams for help.

Only a help God can give. Because he knows her deepest cries.

They say her tears are attention seeking. And they are, the attention she always needs.

They rebuke me for holding her close. I wont apologize for making up what was lost.

They shake their heads at her delays. Well…. pardon her progress.

Shes seen as the worlds misfit. Soon she will learn it’s a good thing to be.

Some see a monster….I see my child.



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Daughter I’m Here Now

60 thoughts on “Beauty Unseen

  1. To give what a child needs is so important and shouldn’t just be shrugged off as needy. Children were made to be loved. We all were. Their cry for love is needed and should not be ignored.

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    • That’s what I’ve been telling a lot of people these days. Don’t worry about everyone else’s opinions. You know your child you know what works.


  2. The children need our patience and understanding, especially since they know little of the world. The world can be cruel to your daughter, but I’m glad she has a mother like you.


  3. What a beautiful poem. It so beautiful how you show love, caring and understanding. It is all we can do as a parent. I make sure to let me children know being different is okay. It makes us unique and special.


  4. What a lovely piece. I have to admit I feel this way when I see my children. They’re not the easiest to deal with on a daily basis, but they’re my children. I love them whole-heartedly.


  5. I am loving it, very beautifully written & soothing to the heart in the way you have expressed the emotions. God is the only one who can understand the deepest cries and pain of everyone of us. Thanks for sharing!

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  6. I so agree with you. And how we think of our children makes so much difference in how we react as well. Our words and thoughts about our children matter, and negative words lead to negative reactions.


  7. This was very beautiful. There is nothing like a mother’s love. Not everyone will see the beauty in what makes us unique as individuals. -Breyona Sharpnack

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  8. Hi Mihaela,

    Are you doing fostercare? What a neat ministry. How are you? Re your comment on my post “Of Sex and Cheesecake,” on your book idea “Intended for Pleasure.” Mihaela, I like that one too but haven’t read it for awhile. I’ll have to pull it back out again, thanks.

    Sorry for my delay.

    Jennifer Dougan


  9. Kids are precious gift from God. We should be more patient in dealing with them. Love them dearly even if they are the most annoying thing on earth;)


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