Renovate My Heart


Dear God, 

I compare my heart to a home being remodeled. It has a starting point, that isn’t quite how I want it to be. As all the tools are taken out and the work begins it starts to look messy, and even broken. A part of me wants to put it all back and even postpone the fixing. I cant stand the mess! It becomes too hard. It looks more broken then worked on. But I know with time, effort and a desire, it will grow. Even when it seems finished there is always maintenance to be done. Forever with my heart you are growing me , breaking me and changing me.


Photo credit: Jesus and Us Ministry 

21 thoughts on “Renovate My Heart

  1. This is lovely, it’s so true that when we begin to work on ourselves, things can get messier before they get better, but that’s part of the journey.


  2. The idea of a heart going through renovation is canny to many experiences I have had. I have had my heart broken, not necessarily by men but by people I loved and trusted. Now I am slowly building back my heart x


  3. I love the analogy. We learn more about our heart as we experience and feel new things. It’s something that we can repair through time, but it will never be the same again.


  4. Love this analogy! I see this all the time when watching remodeling shows. God comes in our hearts and totally remakes it into something beautiful, but the process is difficult.


  5. That’s so beautiful. It resonated with me because that’s how I feel when God is doing stuff in my heart. I find it really teaches me to trust Him more and helps me see His character so much deeper.


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