When Christians Grieve

One day at a time…But we don’t have to do it alone.

Grief has occupied  my mind a lot these past few weeks.

With sudden


worlds shaken,


time standing still,

God speaks softly to the broken hearted and in this short story he reminded me that we are not alone through it all.

“I’m babysitting my 2 1/2 year granddaughter and 1 year old grandson…..Cutest thing just happened.. (Name of child) showed me her Bible and I said it talks about Jesus. And she said a coyote too.. ha. Anyways.. then I said Jesus loves you and she said he’s in my heart. I said oh yes he is. And I said he’s always with you, you’re never alone. And she came back with .. even with Grandpa not here. She said we have to get Grandpa’s heart back. Oh my gosh.. I teared up and she ran and got Raggedy Ann for me to hug and then I hugged her. Told my son and daughter in law..You have taught her well.”

You see as believers we have a hope, and in seeing how believers react to grief reminds me it is well.  

Through the tears it is well

Through sorrow it is well

Through grief it is well

Because God is good.


3 thoughts on “When Christians Grieve

  1. Thank you for your post. It is such a beautiful story. I am always amazed how children can teach us of God’s love. But… it makes sense, especially when they are taught well. God bless.

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