Session #6 The last session. Chapter 17


    If we do not get together with those who share our purpose our lives could fall apart. I always think of the game Jenga. If too many pieces are pulled out, the tower falls over. That is what happens when we don’t come together with those who share the same purpose. If we try and walk alone  with a purpose our purpose may seem less important. That is why there are churches and clubs. 

    My purpose is to glorify God in all that I do and that is why I go to church. We share the same purpose and we encourage eachother to press on by praying, helping those in need, and talking about how God is growing us in our personal lives.


    For those who have read this book you know that I am only about half way. The next sections in the book build off of what the first section is about. I hope those who have followed have enjoyed digging deep, and doing my little activities. 

Session 1 What Drives You?

Session 2 Where Are You Going?

Session 3 What Are Your Strengths?

Session 4 Walking With A Purpose

Session 5 All or None