Embrace Life

Skip don’t walk

Color the pavement with chalk

Dance in the rain

Be unconscious of pain

Spin and sing

Close your eyes when you swing

Run around barefoot

Don’t stay put

Have sweet dreams

Finish each day with ice cream

Laugh, even if no else understands

Draw in the sand

Pick flowers

Climb your highest towers

Get memorable scars

Gaze at the stars

Wear your hair down

Love, because no one stays around

Eat because you like the taste

Don’t let your time go to waste

                                                                      -Mihaela Chamberlain 

This is probably one of my favorites. 3/3/12

16 thoughts on “Embrace Life

  1. What a darling poem! I loved this part “Spin and sing/Close your eyes when you swing”…I always feel so free when doing both of these activities! I want to share this poem with my daughter when she gets older (she’s 4 now.) Beautiful.

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  2. What a darling poem!! Made be all ready and excited for the summertime and brought sweet memories of my childhood. I need to do these things more often! Thank you so much for sharing!! -xx Anna


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