Walking With A Purpose

Session #4


  “Walk with a purpose.” Is what my mom would tell my sister when she would go to LaLa land after my mom would have her do something. Walk with a purpose. That sentence alone screams the purpose of every session. The people above know exactly why they got out of bed that morning, why they are walking step by step, and where they are going.

    Take a walk around the block sometime then come back to your journal. Write down the things that came to mind. This is your purpose. “What is purpose? The God in your life.” (Session #1) If it consumes your mind it controls you. Is your purpose included in your every day life? (Chapter 11 Purpose Driven Life) After walking would you say you like your purpose?

    I know it’s a lot to swallow but that is why we are doing these sessions.  What honestly is the most important to you?  Is it your purpose?

 My purpose is to glorify God in all that I do. Parts of my web (session #3) have it more evident than the other parts but I still have, and want God included in my every day life.


Continue activities by:

  • Watching for posts on My Readers page
  • Doing the exercises on your own time
  • Journal it!

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19 thoughts on “Walking With A Purpose

  1. Wonderful post. For a long time, I was so unsure of where I was walking and what I was going towards. It’s so important that we pray about this and make sure we go where God leads!

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  2. I find that as much as I have my own dreams in terms of career and business, what consumes my mind mostly (in a good way) is my relationship. I love my husband so much and I truly believe that his dream is his purpose that will affect the world greatly. In a way, this has become my dream, too; and now, I believe my purpose is in helping him fulfill the duty given to him through support in any and all ways I can.

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  3. This is a great way to motivate yourself to move and improve your life. Walking with a purpose sounds very fulfilling, like you’re walking towards your goals everyday.

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  4. Interesting perspective and insight shared. Now while I do walk with purpose and passion, I do not for God. but I do acknowledge your faith and respect how inspiring you are to others with similar beliefs


  5. I have heard of this but have never read it. I have no idea where I’m walking half the time but I know wherever it My Father God will be there with me! 🙂 ❤


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