Learning From The Youth

The more I hang out with these kids the more I learn on how to be a good parent. I am very open with these kids asking them questions that I hope to note and carry for mine and Peters when they are teens.

I know some kids just say bad stuff about their parents for attention. But I’m talking about the kids who stay out of trouble but still have broken hearts. You never see it on their faces. It’s when I get the rare opportunity to hear their heart because I am that person who won’t judge them and will just sit and listen.

All they want is for someone to listen.

Sometimes my heart breaks and I hope to never hear the same words from my own.

Peter and I have talked about being open with our kids from the start. Discussing why they might want to dye there hair blue could be a topic that some parents won’t even want at the table. But for us that topic seems so minor. We want the heavy and real topics that could ache our hearts if our kids for some reason does not want to follow the Lord and ask them why. We want the real relationship where we can openly pray with them.

I don’t want my kids to hide their tears from me. I want more attention then their journal gets. If I have to find out our my kid has thoughts of suicide in a journal, then Peter and I have failed as parents.

I am learning that even if our kids are raised in a Christian home they still make their own choices. We cannot control them. We can only manage and pray. At the end of the day they are accountable to God and lifes consequences.

As we seek God pray for us when it will be our turn to become parents.


Dear Embarrassing Parents

Daughter, I’m Here Now





16 thoughts on “Learning From The Youth

  1. Listening. It’s an art which all of us can continue to grow in.

    I’m listening to the hearts of adult young woman right now – those who long to be married, but haven’t yet found that special someone God wants for them.

    I applaud you for considering your future kids, as you listen to these teens – for learning from the youth which are pouring out their hearts and feelings.

    And yes. It’s so very, very, true. We can raise our children with Christ in their lives, but each individual chooses for themselves. To this point, God has blessed Robert and me – our grown kids are remaining true to Christ, and serving God. I have to say, that this is the greatest blessing for us, as parents of grown-ups.

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  2. Listening is just vital…what you say about minor issues is very true. We mustn’t, as parents, make the minor the major. If our kids can’t talk to us about the small stuff, they will never talk to us about the big stuff.

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  3. Yes, I have learned over the years that being honest and upfront with children is the best policy. They are just little adults. They can sense when you arent being genuine and honest.

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  4. I understand completely. When you work with young children or youth, you find out lots of perspective you would have never had otherwise. Keep your eyes on the Lord and let Him lead you. Your children may disappoint at times but I believe they will come around in the end! I’ve seen it firsthand. We gotta trust the Lord with all our hearts. 😉

    the How-to Guru

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  5. Thank you so much for these words. i realy needed that afther having a hard time for the last two months. God bless you.


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