The Bitter Sweetness of Second Trimester

For some reason leaving second trimester has been super bitter sweet for me. Although entering the third means we are closer to meeting our little guy sooner there is something special that only second trimester held for me. My pregnancy became a reality for me and I was able to enjoy preparing for him. 

The first 22 weeks my heart and mind was full of survival and confusion. Struggling with Hyperemesis Gravaderum made me forget that it wasn’t a sickness I had. It was apart of the journey that Peter and I were enduring together, pregnancy. Weeks would pass by and I wouldn’t remember what day it was. I would look at the sonogram and to remind myself this is why I was sick and why I had to keep trying to keep any liquid or food down. We had to fight for our baby’s health. 

My pregnancy became a reality on week 20 when I knew for sure that he had kicked. The moment wasn’t how I thought it would be, but it was unforgettable. On week 21 we found out we were having a son. By week 23 I was officially done puking and nausea had left. I was finally able to drink water again! My energy came back and I was able to do light chores around the house. When I started making decor for his nursery I thought this is what second trimester feels like. This is a small glimpse of the glow everyone is talking about. The feeling of the second trimester was short for me but I am thankful for it.  

8 thoughts on “The Bitter Sweetness of Second Trimester

  1. I am so glad your HD eased during the second trimester! I am not one to say I loved being pregnant, but it is a lot easier to enjoy those special moments when you’re not feeling super sick and can eat/drink.Congratulations on your little one! I have two boys myself. Take care!

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  2. I remember my feeling of excitement as well as relief when second trimester finally arrived. My glow finally came at 5 months. Like you. I had to remind myself my little guy was worth it. The pregnancy struggle wasn’t in vain. It is bittersweet. You look great!

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    • Most days it is way better. Growing a baby is a lot of work. I am thankful I was able to go to MN and Utah for family vacations this Summer!


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