A Letter To Our Son

I grasp each day as our time comes to an end of our pregnancy.  After all this could be my last. A letter to our baby boy. 

 My baby boy, 

These are the last days I’ll ever be able to keep you this close to my heart. The last feeling of your little kicks. The last time you’ll hear my heart beat from the inside. The last days we will see your picture on a screen. The last days we get to hear your heart beat. The last days seeing you push and roll as you get stronger. These days will be missed and cherished forever.

But this is only the beginning….

When you come out to our world we will have new kind of closeness. For the first time we will look into each others eyes, and you will see another familiar voice who loves you so much, Daddy’s.  As we prepared the nursery and our hearts we have prayed for you. Our greatest desire is for you to know how much God loves you and for you to know him too. There is no greater love then the fathers love. 

We love you baby boy,

-Mommy and Daddy 


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