Where Are You Going?


Session #2

Readers, after  going over session one What Drives You? I have a few other  hard questions for you from Rick Warren in the Purpose Driven Life: When you die where will you go?

Chapters four, five and six talk about how our decisions today effect eternal life. Each thing we do serves a kingdom, heaven or hell. That’s it. Our bodies will die but our spirit lives on forever.

Society focuses so much on living with all the beauty and health tips on how to stay young, because they are fighting death. In fact some peoples purpose is to live. Death is often a gloomy topic because of the out look on it. Ponder my questions death is real and we will all eventually go through with it. 

Where are you going?

What kingdom will you serve?

Often this links with our purpose.

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25 thoughts on “Where Are You Going?

  1. Thanks for sharing! It has been about 7-8 years since I went through Purpose Driven Life. Amazing how much you forget. What Kingdom will you serve? is a great reminder where our ultimate focus should be each day. What am I doing for the Kingdom today?

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  2. This was a great post. This is a very tough one to think on. I have had so many instance s that have rocked my faith in recent years, I no longer feel I know where I stand on this


  3. I really love to read the purpose driven in life.. Everytime I read this I get more inspired and my faith is getting more stronger..


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