What Peter Teaches Me

Alright I’m going to be honest from the get go. This is a post about me bragging about my husband.

When Peter and I are loafing at home he will catch me staring at him from time to time not only because I’m attracted to him but because I also admire him. Come on ladies admit it we all stare at our husbands.  From dating to engaged and now married I have learned so much by just watching him. 

By him carefully responding to others and myself even when hes upset I’ve learned to hold my emotions and tongue a little bit better. 

His generous heart as taught me that although God provides, he give us opportunities to bless those around us.

When I walk outside of the room late Saturday mornings I find him reading the Bible. Some times as I’m falling asleep I’ll roll over and find him praying even though we had just prayed together. His humble heart has taught me to pray with out ceasing even when we are sailing along peacefully. His time management has made me ask myself about the priorities in my life. 

I thank God for the opportunity I get to love some one and be loved by someone who loves him so much.









43 thoughts on “What Peter Teaches Me

  1. So glad you commented on my blog today, which gives me a chance to visit you! What a beautiful sweet post about your husband..what an angel of God he is, and how blessed you are to have one another! Beautiful, simple, thoughtful writing about the man you love–such a gift from God!

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  2. That was so sweet! This is what marriage is supposed to be all about, spurring one another on to good deeds. I’m glad you have a hubby that teaches you so much about what it means to follow Christ.


  3. I have learned from my husband. He is not like many of my other Christian friends. He speaks his mind, keeps it simple… says God told me what He wanted… “love Me”. The Lord had told me years earlier to leave my husband be… he was already His. It was a good decade but the day I saw tears in his eyes when he spoke of Christ was the first time I knew he’d been saved. I’m out there… I want to see the glory, I want to share the gospel everywhere I go. My husband just does it where he is… bc Christ is real and he is not ashamed of his love for Him or me.
    The Lord knew we were different and we respect each others differences. It’s a good thing.
    God bless, andrea

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  4. LOL I definitely stare at my husband too. He’s so darn good-looking I can’t help it. I find myself memorizing his bits, like the wrinkles on his hands or the way his front tooth is just a little bit crooked. Must be love 🙂 It’s a real blessing to love your husband!

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  5. Your husband sound amazing and such a god loving man. I’m glad that he teaches you so much, really take that praying ceaselessly and pray. A good relationship is one where God is the center of it!

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  6. I think it’s absolutely amazing that you have so much love for your husband. A good relationship includes appreciation for both parties. It’s good that you’ve learned so much from his kindness and generosity.

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  7. It’s great to know that someone loves his husband so much that she observes what he is doing. And it’s nice to know that you can be inspired by this person too.

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